SGP grants are made directly to community-based organisations(CBOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in recognition of the essential role that they play in protecting the environment and managing community-based resources for social and economic development.

Levels of grant funding:

  • Planning Grants (PG):  These grants can be awarded to a grantee for a maximum of US$5,000 (XCD$13,500) for underdeveloped projects. PGs are granted for projects which are not well defined, need more consultations, require more research, need a business plan, for writing the Full Grant and for other needs which the NSC may require as a condition for approval of the Full Grant.
  • Full Grant (FG): These grants can be awarded to a grantee for a maximum of US$50, 000 (XCD$135,000) for project implementation.
  • Strategic Project Window (SPW):  These are awarded to grantees whose projects have met the criteria for upscaling, either for replication, adaptation, creating a wider national impact or creating strong and enduring linkages for the growth and multiplier effect of successful FG projects. These grants are for a maximum of US$150,000 (XCD$405,000). 

Eligibility requirements:

All grants must meet several of the project criteria as follows »

How to apply:

Below is a graph that explains the steps to applying for SGP Grants


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