Projects in many ways are the means of achieving our global, national and community mandates. In this section you will have access to basic information including results from all ongoing and completed projects.  You will also have access to our global website where more detailed information is included about each project.

Project List

Increasing Public Awareness and Building CSO and Government partnerships to address Climate Change Impacts and support Caribbean Negotiators at COP 21.
Name of Grantee: Caribbean Youth Environment Network- Saint Lucia Chapter
Administrative Area: Castries
Street: Castries
Phone Number: 758 720-4269
Email Address:
Location: Castries
Focal Areas: Climate Change Adaptation
Project Start Date:
Project End Date:
Project Financing: GEF SGP US$ 38,450.00   Other: US$ 14,600.00
Total Budget: US$ 53050.00  XCD$ 143235.00
Project Description:

This project's overall goal is to generate public support for the Caribbean's Negotiating position at COP 21.

The objectives are to: (i) "build awareness and inform various Saint Lucian publics about the Caribbean's position at COP 21 in order to create significant national support for that position; (ii) inform the public on a daily basis of the status of negotiations at COP 21; and (iii) inform and generate feedback on the decisions for COP 21 in order to prepare Saint Lucians for the impacts".

The project activities are broadly divided into a Public Awareness Campaign (PRE COP), Information Updates (DURING COP), and Final Reporting and Feedback (POST COP). By the end of the project four outputs will be achieved as follows: (i) " Saint Lucian publics are aware of the impacts of climate change, the importance of COP 21 and supports the Caribbean's negotiating position; (ii) Bi-lingual CSO Statement on CC published, communicated widely and delivered to the chief CARICOM negotiator; (iii) Public informed about the progress of COP 21 and the challenges; and (iv) Mitigation and adaptation strategies identified as responses to COP 21 decisions."

Project Results:

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