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Project List

Towards the Establishment of a Multiple-Use National Park as an integrated planning and management framework from ridge to reef as a means of addressing soil erosion, reducing sewage pollution, coral reef rehabilitation and the development and promotion of livelihoods in the community of Canaries, Saint Lucia
Name of Grantee: Canaries Community Improvment Foundation
Administrative Area: Canaries
Phone Number: (758) 719-2837
Email Address:
Location: Canaries
Focal Areas: Biodiversity Conservation
Project Start Date:
Project End Date:
Project Financing: GEF SGP US$ 4,741.00   Other: US$ 4037.00
Total Budget: US$ 8778.00  XCD$ 23700.60
Project Description:

This project is being implemented in the poorest Administrative Quarter of Saint Lucia which is also an area with high biodiversity. The project will assist the CBO in undertaking relevant terrestrial and marine research to determine the status of the resources, the extent of ecological impacts and will help to demarcate the proposed boundaries of the park. It will also help in creating consensus for action among Government and community stakeholders; draft a policy document for the Cabinet of Ministers on the establishment of the protected area; and prepare a Full Grant Project Proposal for the next phase of the project.

Project Results:

The grantee wished to introduce a sustainable form of agriculture to the coastal community of Canaries located at the mouth of the Canaries River - in the Canaries River Valley. The land is privately owned and the plan was to rent, lease and/or receive a deed of donation from the Land owner who is also a member of the group.

The Planning Grant was approved to assist the grantee in determining the suitability of the soils for agriculture, to identify the flora and fauna in the area and to prepare a Full Grant Project Proposal.

The results were the production of two major studies as follows:

(i) Donald Anthony (2014) Flora and Fauna Study of Canaries Estate - Saint Lucia. This study
documented the following species - (i) 150 plant species with the most dominant species in the
forest being the White Cedar (Tabebuia heterophylla); (ii) 8 species of mammals; (iii) 39
species of birds; (iv) 3 species of reptiles; and (v) 3 species of amphibians. The study also
indicated that the Canaries River Valley had a huge potential for ecotourism.

(ii) Julius Polius (2014) Canaries Estate Agro-Tourism Project - Soil Evaluation and Training Report.
The study concluded that the best section of the estate for agriculture was a five-acre block
near the Canaries River. Soil investigations which included laboratory tests revealed that " . . .
the soil fertility is poor. Soil-water relations renders the area drought prone while the low lying
area makes for high flood risk". This component of the project also resulted in the training of
16 persons in basic soil characteristic and conservation.

Economic Impact: Five persons were employed (1 woman and 4 men). Their total income was XCD$ 7, 9999 (US$2963). Of that total XCD$5400 (US$2000) was paid to men and XCD$2600 (US$963) was paid to women.

Capacity Development: 32 persons were trained in areas which included soil conservation and management; and marketing and management.

The project has not evolved into a Full Grant Project Proposal yet, as there is still indecision as to how to proceed. It was recommended that the project focuses on developing an apiculture industry in the area.


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