We are a global family of country and sub-regional programmes with a mandate to address some of the most pressing complex problems facing the earth and its inhabitants.

We help the global community of nations to:
Address global environmental problems at the community level through the GEF Focal Areas and by addressing country priorities.

We work with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to:
Achieve environmental sustainability, reduce and/or eliminate poverty and build capacity.

We promote and achieve learning at all levels of the project cycle:
By funding micro, small and medium sized projects.

 We empower communities by trusting them to:
Use the funds we transfer to them directly and by emphasising accountability at all stages of the project cycle;

We take risk with partners and communities to:
Address problems identified through participatory processes.

We encourage creative approaches through:
Innovative thinking and innovations with CSOs.

We champion the cause of the poor and the marginalised, by working with:
Communities which include the alternatively abled, prisoners, youth, women and men.

We collaborate with Governments, the private sector, bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors and other partners to:
Fund projects and make them sustainable.

We are change agents and work with CSOs and our partners to:
Advocate for change at the community, national, regional and 
international levels through the many lessons we learn from our projects.

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